Monday, June 9, 2008

Local Celebrities READ Kitschykoo! Magazine

Kayla Morin AKA klubkla, local DJ/VJ + artist browses the Spring Issue.

Kenneth Locke, rock photographer and Emma McCaul, ARTSPOT
gallery owner peep the new issue!

Live Pinstriper, Matt stashes his copy for later!

Tshirt artist, Ryan Mueller enjoys the Winter back issue of Kitschykoo!

Photos from the Charmed Life Show - 05/31/08

Kitschykoo! Spring 2008 Issue Now Available!

The Spring Issue of Kitschykoo! features Calgary painter, Pamela Szata's latest work, Neon Superparty on the cover! Inside you'll discover tons of amazing underground artists from across Canada as well as articles on vintage and toy cameras, Kitschionary column, and more!
You can pick up a copy for $5 at the retailers listed on the right!