Saturday, August 9, 2008

That’s All Folks!
Artstar Matt Luckhurst says goodbye to Calgary
@ Artlife Gallery
August 6, 2008

If anyone has met Matt Luckhurst before, they know he is one enterprising high flier. With countless solo and group shows in Calgary, his own line of clothing, vinyl toys, animation, and even wine labels, Luckhurst has developed a brand for himself -- and it works. His imaginative colourful characters have been seen large-scale on the walls of the HIFI Club, and now as he prepares for grad school in NYC he presents one last solo show in Calgary. That’s All Folks!, is a collection of new works and prints of older works. The celebratory piece “Keep Your Feet in the Clouds” includes a small caption, “I did it!” would make even your mother proud. While many of his themes are fun and child-like some have a hidden entendre or are in-your-face-crude. “Nuts”, a nude portrait of a man with an, ahem, abnormal genital area is an example of one of these hilariously PG-13 works. While many are sad to see Luckhurst leave, the fact that one of our own is going on to big and better things in the art capital of North America is exciting in itself.

The artist, Matt Luckhurst poses with a recent work.

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