Sunday, May 10, 2009



Nola is a caffeine addicted fourth year print media major at the Alberta College
of Art and Design. Nola enjoys going on late night outings to leave strange
things in mailboxes/library books/bus seats/etc. for people to find. When not
photographing everything in sight she spends her weekends sorting magic cards
and baking cookies while thinking up mostly true things to write about herself
in the third person.

'I have always been an inhabitant of the city, others like me within these
man-made behemoths constantly influences my praxis. Our methods and abilities
to cope with city life are so unique and varied and, it is the exploration of
this that provides a conceptual basis for my work. Through photo documentation
I record events that occur most often at night when people are attempting to
cope with their place in the city. This could take the form of self-abuse,
abuse of another or even a retreat to the suburbs among other things. My work
reflects our attempts to escape as a futile process as elements of the city
follow us home and invade our privacy.

As an artist I am interested in fluxus and kitsch. As a general rule I believe
art should be public and available to all, unlimited editions, street art,
happenings and curiosity-it’s all about culture. By getting art out into the
public we produce ripples that flow through so many areas. Even if only to a
small degree, even just one person; it is exciting to imagine the impact that
public and street art can have on daily life. If the city is a living entity,
art is its heart.' - Nola Dahl, March 2009

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